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About Us- Vanessa Thompson
NSW Sexology Services was founded by Vanessa Thompson (Gore) . Vanessa is a clinical and forensic sexologist. She has a
Masters of Health Science (Sexual Health) and a PhD from The University of Sydney. Vanessa's experience and expertise has helped hundreds of people
achieve their sexual health goals. Vanessa is regularly called upon by local and national media to provide expert
opinions on sexual health matters.
Vanessa is;

  • an Associate member of Australia and New Zealand Association for the Treatment of Sex Abuse. (ANZATSA).
  • accredited, at Associate level, through The NSW Commission for Children and Young People’s Child Sex Offender Counsellor Accreditation Scheme (CSOCAS) to provide assessment and treatment services to adults, children and young people who sexually abuse children and young people.
  • a member of Australian and New Zealand Association of Psychiatry, Psychology and Law.
  • a member of Australian Society for HIV Medicine (ASHM).
  • a member of The NSW Council of Intellectual Disability.
  • a member of Carers NSW.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              Vanessa Thompson

    NSW Sexology Services is committed to assisting people achieve optimal sexual health. We contract and consult
    experienced therapists to best meet your needs.



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